The makerspace , Maritime House, 65, New Rd, Basingstoke RG21 7PW
Maritime House, 65, New Rd, Basingstoke RG21 7PW

Ever had a good idea for something and wished that you could make it? There’s a worldwide community of people who shared your wish, and then decided to do something about it. This is the origin of the ‘Makerspace’ movement, that aims to give people the facilities and skills to make their ideas into real objects.

Every week we have a Free Tuesday Open Evening from 7-9 pm, so drop in and see what people like you are creating in the Makerspace. Full members of the Makerspace have 24/7 access to all the Makerspace facilities, see the Membership sign-up page . There is also a  Makerspace WikiFacebook & Twitter.


Coming soon at Maritime House:


7-9 pm Tuesday 23rd October – Arduino controlled LED lighting – Open Evening.
Join us for a typical Open Tuesday at the Makerspace. As well as normal activities such as;  craft work, CNC-milling and the usual mugs of tea and coffee, we thought we would concentrate on the use of an Arduino  to control  LED lighting.  If you have no idea what an Arduino is;  come along and see how surprisingly easy it is to program a  light display.

7-10 pm Wednesday 24th OctoberBoard with Tech at the Makerspace

The board game nights  at Basingstoke Makerspace have been going well, so we’re doing another one! The concept is simple, turn up, bring a game if you would like, and we all sit down and have some fun. We can’t promise everyone’s game will be played, so be prepared to join in with another group. Also we suggest games around 1 hour in length, they normally take 1.5-2 hours once the rules have been explained anyway.So whether you enjoy exploding kittens, want to start a pandemic or feel like going sub terra, come and join us for a night of gaming. Finally, please bring whatever you would like to eat or drink for the evening. Those that are interested can also club together for a pizza order on the night. Hosted by David H. 

7-9 pm Tuesday 30th October Open Evenings occur every Tuesday! 

The Makerspace has a strong sense of community engagement, with regular events and free open evenings at 7 pm every Tuesday night. Past events have ranged from Astrolabe manufacture to Image recognition using Artificial Intelligence. (AI).  From  9:30 pm we usually  join up with Basingstoke Friends for a social get-together at the Maidenhead pub.