We are a not-for-profit community in Basingstoke who enjoy learning, making and collaborating together to build and create things in a friendly environment – whether that is a prototype of a product you’d like to design, a game or website design, or practising your artistic or crafting techniques.

We currently meet every other Tuesday at Four Lanes Junior School between 6:30 and 8:30pm however we are looking for a permanent home where we can become established and will organise meetings on a range of subjects.

For more information please get in touch via the contact us page or join our mailing list to be kept updated on our latest activities.

Let’s Get Making Night – 18th October

Makerspaces are communities for people who want to build, modify and learn about things: a robot or a drone, a 3D printer or scanner, using a laser cutter, learning to solder and build electronics, programme a Raspberry Pi, make cosplay costumes, weld metal, communicate on the Internet of things, make an electric bike or wheelbarrow…. or a pair of shoes!   Come… Read more