Every Tuesday 7-9 pm – Makerspace Free Open Evening

Do you know what happens in a makerspace? Drop in to Basingstoke Makerspace 7:30 pm EVERY Tuesday evening to find out. The scene above is from the  “Cold Night” we held pre COVID In the past we have … Made a garden chair   Had a pottery relay […]

Introduction Video

We have created a short video to introduce the MakerSpace.  It features some of our members and explains what we do.  The video can be seen on YouTube by selecting this link:

Selecting PC Components – 7 Nov 2023

If you are upgrading or building a PC from scratch, how do you decide what parts you need? Watch this talk and find out. This was on Tuesday 7 Nov 2023 starting at 8:00pm at the MakerSpace (65 New Road, Basingstoke).  This is planned to be the first […]

Metazooa Web Game

We’ve been having fun lately playing the “Metazooa” on-line game.  It gets you to guess the species of an animal by using biological classifications.  Steve has created a video about the game, and how best to play it, this can be viewed by clicking the picture below. The […]

Halloween Open Day – 1pm to 4pm 22 Oct 2023

On the 22 Oct 2023 we held a “Halloween Open Day” event from 1pm to 4pm. The event was free for all. Kids aged 4 to 14 came along to the MakerSpace to laser cut pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, cats, bats and skulls.  They selected their own eyes and […]