Every Tuesday 7-9 pm – Makerspace Free Open Evening

Do you know what happens in a makerspace? Drop in to Basingstoke Makerspace 7:30 pm EVERY Tuesday evening to find out. The scene above is from the  “Cold Night” we held pre COVID In the past we have … Made a garden chair   Had a pottery relay […]

MakerSpace on Community Radio

Kevin R and Andy P will be on Basingstoke Community Radio on Monday 29th April  between 11 and 12 in the morning.  They will be taking about the space, what we doin it and our money raising efforts.  The show can be live streamed at: https://listen.hhcr.org.uk:6450/stream.mp3

Kevin M wins Maker of the Space

The inaugural “Maker of the Space” winner is Kevin M.  He won the Spring 2024 award both because of the sterling work he has done in the metalwork area and the help he has provided for less experienced members. The “Maker of the Space” award is given every […]

2024 Bond Issue

In order to secure our future we are raising money by issuing a bond.  Members and the public can get 6% interest on a bond that is repaid in 7 years while at the same time allowing the MakerSpace to secure its future. An initial draft of the […]

Running AI at home: Tue 9 Apr 2024 8pm

Adventures in Latent Space, or how I am using my new computer In the first two parts of this series (one and two) we built a PC specifically tuned to be good at AI. What next? This presentation explored the fascinating world of stable diffusion models to conjure […]

Introduction to Pepekura – 8:00pm 5 Mar

Discover Pepakura the software that allows you to make stunning 3D creations from paper.   A cost-effective way to create personalized decorations, gifts, and props. On 5 Mar 2024 at 8pm there was a presentation that introduces this software.  Learn the fundamentals of Pepakura software and master the art […]