What is a Makerspace?

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We are very grateful to the following organisations that are sponsors of the MakerSpace:

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Makerspace Community

Ever had a good idea for something and wished that you could make it? There’s a worldwide community of people who shared your wish, and then decided to do something about it. This is the origin of the ‘Makerspace’ movement, that aims to give people the facilities and skills to make their ideas into real objects.

Men sheds – Basingstoke Geeks  – Reading R-Lab – Southampton’s SoMakeIt! – Newbury NADhack: – Hackspace Foundation

Making craft object on a Tuesday open evening at the Makerspace
Recent Tuesday open evening


A Makerspace is a not-for-profit community of people who share tools, knowledge and experience to make things  such as  craft items, sculptures, works of art, a robot, or a piece of code. Makerspace tools range from lathes, laser cutters, and 3D printers, to more traditional wood and metal-working tools.

By meeting together in a friendly collaborative atmosphere we can learn new skills, practice old ones, and benefit from each others’ experience. We can also pool our resources to get tools that we couldn’t individually afford or justify, or have the room in our homes to keep.








Members  make a broad range of objects from Astrolabes, Cosplay costumes, digital sundials, wooden bowls, pop-up cards, crochet  and much more.  We also have talks on subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, Home automation, Internet of Things etc.

As the community grows the social aspect of making is becoming more important. We collaborate on each others projects  and when our open day on Tuesday evening ends at 9:30 pm, some of us join up with Basingstoke Friends for a social drink and food.










We are finding that as the community grows, families are becoming involved. The maker-space requires under  18s to be accompanied by a  responsible adult. We try to include interesting activities when we expect  family members to be present, At a recent weekend open day we held a competition to build the highest construction  using jelly babies and spaghetti.