Introduction to Felting – 21 Jun 8pm

Felting is the process of turning fiber such as sheep’s wool into a piece of fabric. The fabric can then be used to decorate material, create soft toys or do anything else you can imagine. Come along on Tuesday 21st June and see how it is done and […]

Open day this Saturday! – 10 am to 4 pm, 14th May 2022

Tea, coffee and cake – Free and Open to all Now that COVID restrictions are relaxed, it is time for the MakerSpace Open Day. Members will show what they have made for the whole day, demonstrate the available tools, and answer any of your questions. Making a Rustic […]

Hologram Workshop (Members-Only) – 2pm – 9pm Thursday 14th April 2022

Holograms are images of a 3D object stored on a 2D photographic film or light-sensitive plastic. Almost everybody has heard of holograms, given that they are staple themes in Sci-Fi movies, yet most people have no idea how to create one or how they work. Members-only  Workshop  This […]

Soldering Class (SDM) – 12 Apr 2022 at 7pm

Ever wanted to have a go at soldering tiny components! On the 12th of April at 7pm the MakerSpace is holding a class in soldering Surface Mounted Devices (SDM).  This is a follow up to the highly successful basic soldering class held last year. It is open to […]

Every Tuesday 7-9 pm – Makerspace Free Open Evening

Do you know what happens in a makerspace? Drop in to Basingstoke Makerspace 7:30 pm EVERY Tuesday evening to find out. The scene above is from the  “Cold Night” we held pre COVID In the past we have … Made a garden chair   Had a pottery relay […]