Introduction to Pepekura – 8:00pm 5 Mar

Discover Pepakura the software that allows you to make stunning 3D creations from paper.   A cost-effective way to create personalized decorations, gifts, and props. On 5 Mar 2024 at 8pm there was a presentation that introduces this software.  Learn the fundamentals of Pepakura software and master the art […]

Metazooa Web Game

We’ve been having fun lately playing the “Metazooa” on-line game.  It gets you to guess the species of an animal by using biological classifications.  Steve has created a video about the game, and how best to play it, this can be viewed by clicking the picture below. The […]

Making Mugs – 23 May 2023 8:00pm

Basingstoke council have sponsored the MakerSpace to buy a new Dye Sublimation printer.  The SG1000 prints full colour tansfers which heat press onto mugs, t-shirts and other items.  This presentation demonstrated the complete process, going from a design to having a finished mug. The presentation was open to […]

Calculating Chimp

We’ve made a large version of this simple number multiplying mechanism using the big laser cutter.  Here is a video explaining what we did (also at This was based on a really good pattern designed by Jürgen Weigert and downloadable from The original was for an […]

Foamboard Biplane

Now that the big laser is back working we can make some of those bigger projects we’ve been putting off. One example is this Foamboard Biplane.  The original pattern was designed for an A4 sheet of 3mm laser ply, Steve H converted it to work on an A1 […]