2024 Bond Issue

In order to secure our future we are raising money by issuing a bond.  Members and the public can get 6% interest on a bond that is repaid in 7 years while at the same time allowing the MakerSpace to secure its future.

An initial draft of the prospectus can be downloaded by following this link: bond-prospectus-24mar26.  It should be noted that this is just a first draft, it is expected that most of the details will not be changed, however the final approved version will be released at a later date.

If you might be interested in participating, or just want to be kept informed about this please send an email to bonds@basingstokemakerspace.org.uk

Stating that you are interested.

The UK election has put this effort on hold.  We are still intending to go ahead but this will have the wait until after the election has been held.

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