Pi Night – Third Thursday of Each month

The space is open again after COVID, so at 8pm on 17th Feb 2022 “Pi Night” will be reinstated.  This takes place on the third Thursday of each month.  Once again members came along to the MakerSpace with Pi and Arduino questions and join in the discussion.

Blender Introduction: Shapes, Scenes, Movement and Videos

Blender is a free software suite that can create 3d objects, render scenes, animate sequences and even edit videos.  It is incredibly powerful but can be pretty intimidating for new users.     This short video above is an example of what Blender can do.  It shows the […]

Virtual “Tuesday Open Evening”

Basingstoke Makerspace  open evenings  have restarted every Tuesday at 7pm in the Makerspace. Come along to the real or virtual meeting and discuss your projects and ideas. If you would rather not attend  the physical meeting, you can join the same meeting  from home using a virtual meeting […]

Five minute horse race for children and parents

Full instructions are on inventables –>    https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Walking-Robot-Very-Simple/ To save you the effort of drawing the shape onto  card… Print the PDF template, scaled to fill a landscape A4 card . The single A4 piece of card includes templates for four individual horses ( You can colour them […]

What is happening in our darkroom?

First Use of Darkroom Now our darkroom is working , we are aiming to look at  identical pictures with both a digital camera and a film camera and then develop the film negative in the darkroom. The idea is to create a wet print of an image and […]