Video Workshop – 22nd August 2019

Recently we held a workshop to plan  an initial set of videos documenting projects, tools and the activities of the MakerSpace.

In order to publicise the Basingstoke MakerSpace the committee felt that it would be a good idea to create a series of videos.  Our first efforts needs to be of sufficient quality to be worthwhile, once we have assembled a few videos we will be in a better position to design a “normal creation process”.  This session was, of course, open to all members.  There were also some non-members who attended as guests because they felt they could contribute.

The workshop covered:

  • Selecting topics suitable for making videos
  • Identifying who will narrate and present
  • Available equipment (especially good sound, lights, cameras etc)
  • Themes such as visual elements (eg logos), audio elements (music samples) and locations
  • Level of scripting and pre-planning
  • Shooting
  • Tools to use to edit, assemble and encode
  • Distribution

The first pair of videos to come out of this effort focused on the creation of custom cookies.

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