The Overlocker – 8pm 29 Nov 2022

An overlocker provides a clean finish to a raw edge, giving your projects a more professional look.  The MakerSpace has obtained an overlocker for the use of members.  It can be used to supplement work done on a sewing machine.  It was planned that the machine would be […]

Blender Introduction: Shapes, Scenes, Movement and Videos

Blender is a free software suite that can create 3d objects, render scenes, animate sequences and even edit videos.  This incredibly powerful tool can be pretty intimidating for new users.     This short video above is an example of what Blender can do.  It shows the output […]

The Astrolabe in 5 parts

Steve H created a set of five short videos about the Astrolabe last year.  They are available on YouTube.  This provides a short overview of the instrument.  It explains its use, history and construction. The second part covers some more detailed calculations. The third part explores the use […]

Hampshire TV Interview

Hampshire TV interviewed Steve H about the work we do at the Makerspace.  They broadcast on Freeview Channel 7 in Hampshire,and put it at if you have FaceBook.  If not here it is.

Video Workshop – 22nd August 2019

Recently we held a workshop to plan  an initial set of videos documenting projects, tools and the activities of the MakerSpace. In order to publicise the Basingstoke MakerSpace the committee felt that it would be a good idea to create a series of videos.  Our first efforts needs […]