September Pi Night – 7pm on the 19th Sept 2019

This month we didn’t have a particular topic lined up. Members came along with a range of Raspberry Pi and Arduino questions.

We dicussed: using a Pi to control things in the house (and provide an interface that a smartphone can use as well); creating a Pi camera for filming hedgehogs; the merits of VIM, EMACS and Nano editors; and many other topics.

Next month’s Pi night is 17th October, again there is no focused topic, any member is welcome with their questions.

Are you are finding the Linux command line confusing?  Struggling with some obscure C library conflict?  Grappling with some difficult hardware?  A range of experts will be available.  Often we can identify a solution, and even when we can’t we will always be able to provide some interesting insights.

All members are welcome.  If you are not a member you will need to sign in as a guest (come along and ask).

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