Halloween Open Day – 1pm to 4pm 22 Oct 2023

On the 22 Oct 2023 we held a “Halloween Open Day” event from 1pm to 4pm. The event was free for all.

Kids aged 4 to 14 came along to the MakerSpace to laser cut pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, cats, bats and skulls.  They selected their own eyes and mouths and cut the shape out of 3mm plywood.  There was also a wide selection of pre-cut shapes for them to colour.  The children finished off the objects by adding hats and ribbons and then by making them into badges, fridge magnets, hanging decorations or key rings.

Here are some of the fantastic results (made by kids and their parents):

Here the mad scientist designs while the witch assists:

Here is the painting table in full swing:


The final count was:

  • 20 large designs, of which 8 were pre-cut – Skull was most poular (just)
  • 20 small designs, all pre-cut – Pumpkin and ghost were most popular
  • Ribbons were most popular add-on for big designs, witches hats were on small ones
  • Small designs were mostly made into badges
  • Large designs were mostly made as hanging objects

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