Blender Introduction Two – September 2022

Following the success of the Blender Introduction Sessions Steve H decided to run a second set.  They covered the same concepts but used a different example.

Sessions were interactive and assumed no prior experience of Blender.  Each lasted about an hour, took place in the MakerSpace and were open to all members at no additional cost.

The set of sessions were:

  1. 7:30pm 8 Sep 2022 – Shapes: Starting the tool and sculpting simple shapes
  2. 7:30pm 15 Sep 2022Precision: Creating exact shapes using CAD – Followed by Pi Night
  3. 7:30pm 22 Sep 2022Scene: Applying materials and lighting to create pictures
  4. 7:30pm 29 Sep 2022Movement: Animating scenes using simple movements and physics
    Skipped a week (for Committee meeting)
  5. 7:30pm 13 Oct 2022Track: Integrating existing video into your scene
  6. 7:30pm 20 Oct 2022Video: Using the video editor to sequence your output and get it ready for publishing

All the related material is available on the MakerSpace file server (under tools/blender2).  This includes complete recordings of each session.



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