Adobe Lightroom Presentation – 8pm 10th May 2022

The Lightroom software from Adobe uses advanced algorithms to dramatically improve your pictures.  On Tuesday the 10th of May 2022 Kevin Roche will be demonstrating the software in the MakerSpace at 8pm.  This event is open to members and non-members.

Come along and see how this new version can help your photography.

The previous version of Lightroom offered a basic set of masking options, including the Radial, Graduated, and Brush filters, which were tweaked and refined over the years to meet the needs of most photographers. These depended on the photographer, to create masks and then refine them with a set of sliders and options.

The version released in October 2021 introduced a revolutionary approach to Lightroom masking.  The power of algorithms and artificial intelligence boosted these tools into the stratosphere.  The result is a profound and extraordinarily useful workflow that has the potential to fundamentally change your approach to photo editing.

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