October Pi Night – 7pm Thursday 17th

Again there is no theme for October’s Pi Night.  Come along with your questions and topics and the experts will be able to provide some useful input.

Open Day – 19th October 2019 – 10am – 4pm

Tea, coffee and cake – Open to all The Basingstoke MakerSpace Openday is on Sat 19th October 2019.  Members will show off what they have made over the last six months, demonstrate the available tools and be available to give advice.  So, come along, eat some cake and […]

Free Photographic Headshots – Monday, October 21 at 8pm

Are you interested in either the photographic aspects of taking headshot portraits or being a model for a set of free headshot images that you can take home for personal use or for use on Linked-in? We will be having a practical evening in our photographic studio on […]

The Astrolabe in 5 parts

Steve H created a set of five short videos about the Astrolabe last year.  This provides a short overview of the instrument.  It explains its use, history and construction. The second part covers some more detailed calculations. The third part explores the use of an Ephemeris explaining, for […]

Cold night – 8pm Monday 18th November 2019

Basingstoke Makerspace is planning to have a cold night looking at the creation and uses of coldness. We will be looking at both dry ICE and peltier coolers. This will be a very practical evening photographing the Dry Ice, using Dry Ice to create a cloud chamber to […]