MakerSpace COVID Policy

Basingstoke MakerSpace remains open for members.  The committee have published a policy that explains how members should behave when they are in the space.  The single page document is available by following this link: Basingstoke Makerspace – COVID Policy It is intended that this just documents what reasonable […]

Nontransative Dice

This set of dice are “nontransative”.  In other words the red one beats the green, the blue one wins against the red and the green one defeats the blue. With this set of dice you can always have a 55% chance of winning.  First get your victim to […]

Resolution Passed

The members have passed the “Extraordinary Resolution” sent out by the Committee on the 10th April 2020.  The resolution changes the wording of the Articles of Association to ensure we are correctly classified as a mutual and not subject to tax.  The detailed explanation of the changes and the […]

Virtual “Tuesday Open Evening”

The Basingstoke Makerspace weekly Tuesday open evenings have been canceled during this time of crisis.  So we have organised a virtual meeting on Google Meet to take the place of the physical get together.  Come along and discuss your projects and ideas.  Here are the details: Time: Every […]

CHART Architecture Competition – The Growroom

CHART Architecture Competition The design for The Growroom, an urban farming pavilion that looks into how cities can feed themselves through food-producing architecture, is now open source and available for anyone to use. SPACE10 envision a future in which we grow our own food much more locally. To spark […]