“Photographic Darkroom” Project – Monday 16th Sept 2019

Have you ever thought of setting up  a darkroom? Are you interested in the process involved in wet processing  film? Would you potentially find a darkroom and studio in Basingstoke useful?  If you are interested then come along and see what we are doing at the Makerspace this coming Monday evening.

September Pi Night – 7pm on the 19th Sept 2019

This month we don’t have a particular topic lined up.  Come along with any Raspberry Pi, Arduino or SBC related questions. Are you are finding the Linux command line confusing?  Struggling with some obscure C library conflict?  Grappling with some difficult hardware?  A range of experts will be […]

Customised Cookies

We have created two new videos about customised cookie cutters.  In the first one Alex and Steve briefly discuss making and using a customised cookie cutter. The second video is almost 15 minutes long and goes into much more detail.  In it Steve first goes through the steps […]

Video Workshop – 22nd August 2019

Recently we held a workshop to plan  an initial set of videos documenting projects, tools and the activities of the MakerSpace. In order to publicise the Basingstoke MakerSpace the committee felt that it would be a good idea to create a series of videos.  Our first efforts needs […]

Every Tuesday 7-9 pm – Makerspace Open Evening

Do you know what happens in a makerspace? Drop in to Basingstoke Makerspace on any Tuesday evening to find out. At a recent Tuesday Open Evening. one individual was making a three-foot long dinosaur skeleton using a 3D printer. At the same time another was demonstrating how to use a […]