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A Makerspace is a not-for-profit community of people who share tools, knowledge and experience in order to Make Things – whether it is a sculpture, a work of art, a robot, or a piece of code, for example.

By meeting together in a friendly collaborative atmosphere we can learn new skills, practice old ones, and benefit from each others’ experience. We can also pool our resources to get tools that we couldn’t individually afford or justify, or have the room in our homes to keep. Most Makerspaces have an array of tools from lathes, laser cutters, and 3D printers to more traditional wood working tools. Many also host groups who enjoy activities such as cosplay, or traditional crafts such as knitting or paper crafts. A Makerspace is all about its members, and their interests, so each one is a little bit different.

For more information have a look at https://www.hackspace.org.uk