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Board with Tech – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Wednesday 27th March 2017

Hosted by David H. from The Basingstoke Tech Scene

The board game nights  at Basingstoke Makerspace have been going well, so we’re doing another one! The concept is simple, turn up, bring a game if you would like, and we all sit down and have some fun. We can’t promise everyone’s game will be played, so be prepared to join in with another group. Also we suggest games around 1 hour in length, they normally take 1.5-2 hours once the rules have been explained anyway.So whether you enjoy exploding kittens, want to start a pandemic or feel like going sub terra, come and join us for a night of gaming. Finally, please bring whatever you would like to eat or drink for the evening. Those that are interested can also club together for a pizza order on the night.
Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Night – 7pm Thursday 21st March

Join us at Basigstoke Makerspace for Raspberry Pi night

On the third Thursday of each month Basingstoke Makerspace members get together for “Pi Night”.  

You would be surprised how many people  have bought a Raspberry Pi and left it sitting in a drawer unused. Come along to the Makerspace and find what could be done with it.

This is an open meeting for Makerspace members to pose and answer any Raspberry Pi related questions and join others working on projects such as pollution mapping and using cameras for object recognition..  

This group includes  people with a range of experience: from those who just want to ask what a Raspberry Pi can do,  to those connecting their Pi to electronics and manipulating the GPIO pins via C.

Come along and Join us!

Purple train frequencies

Tuesday Open evening talk about Crossrail Signalling

Last Tuesday at Basingstoke Makerspace many of the members and some visitors sat down to an interesting talk by Kevin Roche about railway signalling in the UK and its use on the new Crossrail aka ‘The Elizabeth Line’.

Crossrail will run from Reading and Heathrow through new tunnels under London to Shenfield and Abbey Wood.

Kevin explained how railway signalling had developed in the UK following a terrible rail crash at Harrow and Wealdstone in 1952 where 112 people were killed and 340 injured.

Following that crash and others several different solutions were developed to avoid similar crashes in the future. The aim being stop trains passing red signals or exceeding the recommended speed limits.

As a result, the new Crossrail service being built is required to work on railway lines equipped with several different signalling systems known as AWS, GW-ATP, TPWS, ETCS Level 2 and Trainguard MT.

After a detailed review of each system, Kevin explained that trains on Crossrail will switch automatically between three of the signalling systems as they travel along the new route. In the eastern sections they change over while in Stratford station, but in the western section they have to change over while moving.

There has been trouble, however with interfacing the older systems designed in the 1950’s with the latest technology that allows the new trains to run as many as 30 trains per hour.

It is thought that the line will not open now until 2020.