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What do you want to make?

We have a laser cutter, 3-D printer, an electronics area, a photographic area, even a sewing machine and wood turning machine and tools… to name just a few of the tools at our Makerspace – see the photos above for some of the tools.

We do also have talks about diverse subjects such as Raspberry Pi image recognition, and Blockchain.

But the truth is that we are no longer an events/talks based organisation, we are a proper Makerspace, and we are starting to get some interesting stuff made on our tools, particularly our Laser Cutter. We are no longer just about meeting for organised talks, we are a workshop that will shortly be available to our members 24/7.

So come join us – visit us on one of our open nights (Tuesday 7-9 pm) and see what you could make, or what you could learn, by getting involved with your local Makerspace.